Bayesian Performance Rating – Top Five Projected Players in 2020-2021

A new season of college basketball is upon us, and with it comes our preseason projections for Bayesian Performance Rating, the metric we use at to quantify player impact. You can read more about BPR in our previous post. Today, we will take a more detailed look at the players rated most highly inContinue reading “Bayesian Performance Rating – Top Five Projected Players in 2020-2021”

Introduction to Bayesian Performance Rating

The main objective of our work to assess college basketball team and player strength. We have created an advanced statistical metric, Bayesian Performance Rating (BPR), to quantify how successful a team or player is, using play-by-play data and advanced box-score metrics. This metric is predictive in nature, which means that each rating is fine-tuned to predictContinue reading “Introduction to Bayesian Performance Rating”

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